President's Award for Living Our Core Values - How We Work Together


Reuel Valencia, 2019 Recipient

Reuel Valencia is this year’s recipient of the President’s Award for Living Our Core Values – How We Work Together. Reuel is a Registered Nurse in Surgical Care at University Hospital, and has worked at LHSC for 15 years.

“I was surprised and happy at the same time when I heard I won because I was chosen out of so many nominees. I’m glad to know that there are colleagues that I inspire through my work,” says Reuel.

As a kidney transplant recipient himself, Reuel understands the fear, anxiety, and perhaps excitement, of patients as they prepare for surgery. “I love to impart the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my many years of experience. Five years ago I experienced firsthand the excellent care that my co-workers provide when I had my kidney transplant. This experience gives me inspiration to provide the same care that I received.”

The nomination letters in support of Reuel demonstrate the compassion, teamwork, curiosity and accountability he shows as he works with his colleagues. Reuel is a preceptor and gives his students undivided attention and patience to help them feel at ease in a stressful environment. Reuel has extensive knowledge from working in Surgical Care for 15 years, and whenever there is a new device or procedure available, he is there asking questions and making sure he has a full understanding of all aspects of the device so that he can share this knowledge with his colleagues. 

The nomination letters for Reuel describe him as a strong leader in the surgical environment. He supports staff to ensure patient safety is top priority, anticipates events before they occur, and makes each action he takes purposeful and important. He acts as role model and mentor for the nurses who work with him by inspiring each person to want to keep learning, and emanates kindness to both patients and colleagues. Surgeons have been known to request that Reuel be in their room when performing a new surgery or trialing a new device, knowing that with him by their side, the case will run smoothly. Reuel has a wealth of compassion for patients, and experience, passion, and curiosity that helps create a supportive, positive, and effective work environment.

Reuel explains, “I enjoy working with so many remarkable people around me. It takes a lot of teamwork for the operating room to run smoothly, and it is because of so many wonderful co-workers that I enjoy my work so much.”