Professional Practice at its Best conference “Celebrating and Fostering Clinical Scientific Inquiry!"

November 19, 2012

London Health Sciences Centre’s 2012 Professional Scholarly Practice conference got underway Monday morning with over 100 LHSC’s professionals in attendance. Opening remarks were given by Bonnie Adamson, CEO LHSC, Carol Young-Ritchie, VP Patient Centred Care, LHSC and Vanessa Burkoski, Vice President, Professional Practice and Chief Nursing Executive, LHSC.

“LHSC’s success is a direct result of our extraordinary people,” says Adamson during her opening address. “I am energized by what London Health Sciences Centre is, what it will be, and what it can be in the coming years as we extend our legacy of compassionate, innovative, and high-quality care for generations to come. But most of all, I am energized by all of you, and the amazing work you do every single day.”

Professional Practice members submitted abstracts to the conference for presentation focusing on evidence-based care, quality improvement, incorporation of knowledge development, knowledge transfer, innovative practice change, and clinical innovations. Initiatives that maximize positive patient, staff and system outcomes through the implementation of quality improvement initiatives were highlighted.

“Everyone in this room has a unique understanding of what happens in the patient environment,” says Burkoski. “It is your agent specific knowledge that will help us move from past practices in health care, to best practices.”

The conference brings together LHSC staff in Professional Scholarly Practice to share their learnings, experience and enthusiasm.

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 Professional Practice at its Best conference