Promoting farm safety at international plowing match

October 11, 2017

Recently members of LHSC’s Injury Prevention Team attended the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo in Walton, Ont. The team brought brain models and talked about helmet safety, and also provided farm safety information. 

“We have created farm paint sheets as a fun passive injury prevention tool for kids. The image on the front is of a farm scene that we hope will initiate a conversation between adults and kids about farm safety. On the back are relevant farm safety tips specific to the injury patterns we see in LHSC’s catchment area,” says Brandon Batey, LHSC Injury Prevention Specialist.

LHSC’s trauma program statistics show that over the past three years falls on and around the farm have made up the largest number of farm-related traumatic injuries. These include falls through buildings, off ladders or scaffolding, and through hay holes. 

Incidents of being bitten or crushed by a farm animal, machinery-related injuries, and motor vehicle collisions with farm equipment, round out the top five farm-related injuries.

Farm safety tips include:

  • Make sure children are well supervised and performing tasks appropriate for their age
  • If riding a horse or on an ATV always wear a properly fit helmet that is approved for the activity
  • For every activity:
    • Take a moment to Stop: what’s the worst thing that could happen? 
    • Ask yourself Think: do I have the right training and equipment?
    • Now, you‘re ready to Act: follow procedures and don’t rush. 

The international plowing match celebrated its 100th anniversary. There were more than 500 exhibitors this year and the event typically attracts well over 100,000 spectators.