Recognizing our doctors!

May 1, 2014

Today, May 1, LHSC is joining the Provincial recognition of Doctors’ Day.

Dr. Robin Walker, Integrated Vice President Medical Affairs & Medical Education, LHSC and St. Joseph’s sent the following message to the 854 doctors, 735 residents and 126 clinical fellows that are making a difference in the lives of patients at LHSC:

On May 1, 2014 we are celebrating the fourth annual Provincial Doctor’s Day.

In 2011 Ontario became the first Canadian jurisdiction to proclaim a day specifically to recognize doctors. May 1st is the birthday of the first female physician in Canada, Dr. Emily Stowe, and on that day patients and all Ontarians will be asked to thank each of us for our work with them.

Every day Ontario’s 26,000 practicing physicians treat over 400,000 patients. We know our work is vital to the province but it will be nice to have it recognized!  Doctor’s Day was created on the initiative of MPP Reza Moridi. 

Thank you Mr. Moridi for thinking of us, and Happy Doctor's Day to all Professional Staff at London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph's Health Care, London!

Today, the Ontario Medical Association is also launching a public campaign to recognize the extraordinary contributions made by Ontario doctors in the health care system. From May 1 until the end of the month, patients and their families, health care professionals and others can celebrate Doctors’ Day by submitting a personalized thank-you message to their doctor through or by tweeting #thanksdoc.

Facts about Ontario Doctors

  • Number of practising physicians in Ontario: approximately 26,000
  • Number of specialists: 14,100
  • Number of general practitioners: 12,300
  • Number of speciality areas of medicine: 37 ranging from medical oncology to public health
  • Number of first year students enrolled in medical school in Ontario: 1,000
  • Average number of years to complete medical education: 8-12 years, plus ongoing, mandatory continuing professional development courses
  • Ontario’s doctors treat approximately 320,000 patients each day and approximately 5.9 million in the emergency department each year
  • Average hours of work: 55 hours/week
  • Each physician’s office (through overhead) contributes the equivalent of 4 full-time jobs in their community, generates $205,000 in GDP, and generates $50,000 in tax revenue for the municipal, provincial and federal governments

 Doctor walking in hall