Recognizing the many positive attributes our nurses bring to their work

May 11, 2018

Nursing Week is a time to celebrate all nursing professionals. The theme for the week is part of a broader campaign that will continue through 2020. It is #YesThisIsNursing and it’s meant to represent the exponential rate at which the role of nursing is evolving, particularly with the expansion of digital technologies.

This certainly holds true at LHSC where nurses are represented in many roles across the organization, including clinical practice, education, professional practice, informatics, leadership and research. Yet despite the evolution of the profession throughout our hospital’s history, one thing has remained constant – the dedication, thoughtfulness and positivity that our nurses bring to the work they do.

We are pleased to share the following story to serve as just one of the countless examples of the many admirable personal traits our nurses apply to their work.

Jodie Demelo has been a registered nurse with LHSC for 31 years and it’s always been her dream to run the Boston Marathon. This year, she made that dream come true. Though she’s confident that her strong faith played a big part in helping her to attain that dream, she also put in a lot of hard work, dedication positivity, and planning. It’s the same work ethic and dedication she brings into her role in the Paediatric Critical Care Unit (PCCU) and Paediatric Transport Team every shift.

Growing up watching the race with her dad each year, she knew at age seven that she wanted to run it herself one day after seeing the first woman with a registered number compete.

Attaining a qualifying time for the 2018 race registration was the result of many years of intentional effort. Demelo would plan her week of runs and core training around her day-day-night-night rotational schedule – sometimes getting up at 3 a.m. to run before work, or hitting the pavement at 10 p.m. to get it in after a long day.

It’s the same preparation, dedication and thoughtfulness that she to brings to her work as a nurse. With the transport team she tries to anticipate what the needs of the patient and family will be before and during transport, what additional support she can provide, and is always prepared for the instances where the travel time will extend beyond the scheduled shift. In the PCCU where the one-to-one care ratio means she is nearby her patient and their family members at all times, she focuses on being a positive and uplifting force, while taking care to get to know them better to ensure a patient and family centred care environment.

Qualifying for Boston was a long-held dream come true for Jodie and was one that inspired her to take the usual thoughtful approach she is known for one step further and fulfill a dream for one of her PCCU patients and their family. With the family’s blessing, Demelo surpassed a personal fundraising goal through the support of her friends, family and colleagues that will allow for the family of eight to enjoy a weekend away at Great Wolf Lodge and Niagara Falls! It was something of the family’s choosing that they had always talked about, but would not have been able to do otherwise.

“Running Boston, even in the worst weather conditions in the history of the race, was one of the best experiences of my life,” says Demelo. “I knew going into it that this would be such a positive experience for me, so I really wanted to pay it forward by helping to bring someone else even half of that same joy.”