Six year old Brandon robbin' and lootin'

August 27, 2012

Brandon’s mission to help other children began with robbin’ and lootin’ – Change Bandit style!  Recently, six year old Brandon decorated fifteen large mason jars and placed them in local businesses with a goal of raising $200 for Children’s. Three weeks later, Brandon went robbin’ and lootin’ to pick up the jars, and to his surprise, he blew away his goal and collected over $2,000!

Brandon’s drive to help sick and injured children doesn’t stop there.  He has participated in Ellison Travel Charity Golf and many more fundraising events! Today, Brandon is competing in the Scotiabank Game Changers program in hopes of winning a $100,000 donation for Children’s Health Foundation. In early July, he was in the lead for all of Ontario, and earned a $1,000 donation for Children’s as a regional prize!

Perhaps Brandon’s most impressive feat is that he has raised so much hope for other children while bravely fighting his own battle.  In August 2010, Brandon was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), and is undergoing daily chemotherapy treatments at home, as well as additional treatments every four weeks at Children’s.  Brandon has faced several complications, but when you’re watching him play soccer and piano, swim, and hang out with his friends at school,  it’s clear that he’s atypical, albeit remarkable, six year old!  

This little super hero has a huge impact on our community through his courage, determination, and fighting spirit!  Help support Brandon in his mission to win $100,000 for Children’s Hospital by voting for him in the Scotiabank Game Changers program.