So Long South Street - Art Exhibit

September 16, 2015

Showcasing the work of Matthew Trueman and Ryan Craven, this exhibition explores the importance of the South Street Hospital to the city of London, with both historical photographs and more recent material that Trueman was able to take during the demolition process.

During the decommissioning project, LHSC’s Facilities Management team provided Matthew Trueman, a local photographer, safe access to the site, allowing him to capture some truly stunning photographs. Trueman partnered with Ryan Craven, who acted as historical curator and summarized the story of South Street Hospital within the wider scope of the community, as well as providing some context to Trueman’s photographs. Their collaborative efforts are now being showcased in an art exhibit titled, “So Long South Street”.

The exhibit is hosted by DNA Artspace in their Upper Gallery, and runs from September 8-24, with a reception on Friday, September 18 from 7-10pm.

So Long SSH