South West LHIN recognizes Regional Hip Fracture Improvement Project

Regional partnership improves outcomes for patients

June 7, 2012

More patients suffering from hip fractures are being operated on in South Western Ontario within 48 hours of admission than ever before due to the award winning work of the Regional Hip Fracture Improvement Project lead by LHSC.

On May 31, the South West LHIN awarded the project one of three inaugural Quality Awards at its Quality Symposium in Stratford Ontario. The project is a collaborative initiative between LHSC, Grey Bruce Health Services, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA), Middlesex Hospital Alliance, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, Woodstock General Hospital and South West CCAC.

The aim of the Regional Hip Fracture Improvement Project was to achieve the Ontario Ministry of Health target of operating on 90 per cent of hip fractures within 48 hours of admission, across the South West LHIN. When the project began, the rate of operation within that time frame ranged from 60-75 per cent.

“We are proud to say that we have seen a significant improvement in less than one year. For seven months in a row from September 2011 to March 2012, we have been operating at 84 to 93 per cent level” says Ilya Bogorad, senior project consultant, LHSC. “When hip fracture patients are operated on within 48 hours their prognosis for swift recovery is much better. This also translates into fewer healthcare resources used up for complicated recoveries, and more resources available for other patients. ”

The implementation phase of the project has been completed; however, over the next year the project team continues to work on sustainability of the positive changes and further improvement of the collective performance in this area. .

“It’s an honour to be recognized for our work; however the real winners are the patients who now receive more timely care,” says Bogorad.

 Hip fracture improvement project

Michael Barrett, CEO, South West LHIN, and Jeff Low, board chair, South West LHIN present Ilya Bogorad, senior project consultant, LHSC, and Andrew Williams, CEO, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance with South West LHIN Quality Awards.