Victoria Hospital brought to light

LED lights light up the grounds

July 6, 2012

The grounds surrounding Victoria Hospital are now better lit than ever before. Over the past year LED lights have been installed along the roadways, at the parking lots and at the building entrances across Victoria Hospital.

The LED lights reduce energy consumption, have a longer life and even reduce “light pollution:” the soft glow seen around larger cities or institutions signifying energy waste.

“The LED lights, combined with other energy friendly initiatives at LHSC, are demonstrably decreasing energy consumption at Victoria Hospital even though more of the space is being used,” says Phil Renaud, Director, Facilities Engineering, LHSC.

There is a security benefit to the LED lights as well. “We also added lights to spaces around the grounds that were not as well lit,” continues Renaud. “The added security benefit is that LED lights provide a more focused beam, making the space under the light even brighter.”

Victoria Hospital at night