We don't want to see you in the trauma room

Celebrate the holidays and new year safely

London Health Sciences Centre’s Trauma Program would like to remind everyone to celebrate safely during the holidays. In 2014, over 17 per cent of severe trauma patients seen at LHSC had alcohol in their system with half those being motor vehicle collisions and another third involving a fall.

“We don’t want to see you or your loved ones in our trauma room this holiday season,” says Dr. Kelly Vogt, Associate Medical Director of the Trauma Program. “Alcohol and injury go hand in hand. I see the aftermath of poor decision making and the impact it has on the person and their family and friends.”

Anecdotally, Vogt has noticed an increase in alcohol related injuries over the past few years. Traumatic injuries are preventable and a few safety tips can ensure that everyone remains safe while enjoying the holidays.

  •          Plan Ahead
  •          Choose a designated driver, call a cab, take public transit or stay overnight
  •          Hosting a party? Plan for your guests’ way home, ensure overnight parking, and provide non-alcoholic options
  •         Increase the time between drinks. If you drink quickly, your body takes longer to recover.
  •          Take your time and have no more than 2 alcoholic drinks in any 3 hours.
  •          A shower may make you clean and a coffee may keep you awake, but nothing sobers you up other than time. If you’ve had a lot to drink please don’t drive the next morning.

“A popular misconception, especially among 25-45 year olds, is that people think they can estimate their tolerance to alcohol because they have been consuming alcohol in moderation for a number of years,” says Jane Edwards, Injury prevention Specialist, LHSC. “You can’t predict how alcohol will affect you in any given day. One drink can be one drink too many if you plan on driving.”