Where can I go for care during the holidays?


If you have a medical emergency please phone 911 or go directly to your nearest Emergency Department.

During the holiday period, London Health Sciences Centre’s Emergency Departments often experience high levels of patient activity.

Those who do not require emergency care for life-threatening illnesses or injuries will face potentially long wait times, as the most critically ill patients will be seen first.

For those with non-life threatening illnesses and injuries, we ask you to consider the following options before coming to the Emergency Department:

·         Non-emergency medical assistance: First call your family doctor, nurse practitioner or their on-call service. If not available, consider visiting a walk in clinic or urgent care centre.

·         Health-related advice from a Registered Nurse 24/7: Call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

·         Serious medical injuries and conditions: Call 911 or go to an Emergency Department.

For a full listing of resources available to you over the holiday season (medical care, pharmacies and mental health crisis lines), please visit the SouthWest healthline