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Worldwide Day of Candle Lighting will be recognized at LHSC on December 12

Worldwide Day of Candle Lighting 2021

December 8, 2021

Staff and physicians at LHSC and individuals and families in the community are encouraged to light a candle in remembrance of the children who have died.

With gathering restrictions still in place within London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), the annual Children’s Hospital Memorial is, again, postponed. To ensure that the children who have died are honoured, and there remains a day to mark our remembrance of those children, the Women’s and Children’s inpatient and outpatient units are recognizing Worldwide Day of Candle Lighting on December 12.

The Children’s Memorial Committee members will be visiting units in Children’s Hospital at the end of this week prior to the event so staff and physicians have the opportunity to honour, and remember those they cared for and express sympathy and support for the families in the community who continue to mourn the loss of the children that left them too soon. The committee members will distribute battery-operated candles and a memorial opportunity available where staff will be invited to write down the name of the child or children they are holding in their memory

The Worldwide Day of Candle Lighting is currently thought to be the largest mass candle lighting event as candles are lit across each time zone. You can watch the 24-hour wave of candle light on The Compassionate Friends website or add your flame of remembrance at 7:00 pm on December 12, the official time of the worldwide event.

It is the hope of the Children’s Memorial Planning Committee, to continue to cherish the memory of the children who have died in our community. With the gathering limits still in place, this unfortunately prevents the meaningful meeting of families and LHSC staff and physicians to mourn together. For staff and physicians to continue to show their support for the families who have experienced the profound loss of a child, and to recognize the pain that continues, this candle-lighting event will hopefully provide a safe space for staff and physicians at LHSC to acknowledge that loss and honour the memory of those children, keeping the families in their thoughts.