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Disclaimer to the On-line Edition
This Manual has been designed for use in the NICU at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), London, Ontario, Canada, and represents clinical practice at this institution. The information contained within the Manual may not be applicable to other centres. If users of this Manual are not familiar with a drug, it is recommended that the official monograph be consulted before it is prescribed and administered. Any user of this information is advised that the contributors, Editor and LHSC are not responsible for any errors or omissions, and / or any consequences arising from the use of the information in this Manual.


DrugDoseDilutionMain Side Effect(s)
Fentanyl **
(or morphine)
1 to 2 mcg/kgIV push over 10 minutes, MD/CNS only0.5 mL of 50 mcg/mL plus 9.5 mL diluent= 2.5 mcg/mLchest wall rigidity
Morphine **
(or fentanyl)
100 to 200 mcg/kgIV push over at least 5 minutes1 mL of 2 mg/mL plus 9 mL diluent= 200 mcg/mLbradycardia
Atropine **20 mcg/kgIV push over 1 minute, MD/CNS only0.5 mL of 400mcg/mL plus 7.5 mL diluent= 25 mcg/mLtachycardia
Succinylcholine2 mg/kgIV push, MD/CNS only0.5 mL of 20 mg/mL plus 9.5 mL mL diluent= 1 mg/mLbradycardia

**fentanyl and atropine or morphine and atropine may be mixed and administered in the same syringe. Both combinations are physically compatible for at least 15 minutes.

D Knoppert
January 2001

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