Amanda McMurray, Registered Dietitian Nephrology, Cystic Fibrosis and Inpatient Medicine


Ext. 53598

Suzanne Ratko, Registered Dietitian Surgery, Transplants, Metabolic


Ext. 52469

Andrea Carpenter, Registered Dietitian Failure to thrive, GI, and Enteral Feeding Clinic


Ext. 52486

Megan Marcy, Registered Dietitian Ill Infant Nursery and Paediatric Critical Care Unit


Ext. 53082

Johanna Kaipainen, Registered Dietitian Diabetes and Endocrinology


Ext. 53517

Jenna MacIsaac, Registered Dietitian Diabetes and Endocrinology


Ext. 52470

Angela Dodge, Registered Dietitian Haematology and Oncology 519-685-8500, Ext. 52714
Meghan Rombeek , Registered Dietitian Healthy Eating and Activity Program


Ext. 56816

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Our Program

The Nutrition program at Children’s Hospital provides dietary consultation services for infant, children and adolescent patients and their families in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.

We develop appropriate nutrition plans for patients who suffer from a variety of disorders.

We treat healthy, growing children as well as those being seen at Children's for acute or chronic illnesses or conditions.

Our program is for anyone who has concerns and questions about their child's diet, feedings, foods, their child's growth, special diets and healthy eating.

Our Team

Our program offers a multidisciplinary team approach, with staff experienced in a variety of highly specialized diagnostic and treatment areas:

Role of Team Members

  • Each Paediatric Dietician is registered dietitian (RD) with a university degree in clinical nutrition and a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario and the Dietitians of Canada.
  • The RD provides nutrition support for acute and chronic illness, and ongoing nutrition education to caregivers and patients for normal growth and development.
  • The dietitian can assess, treat and prevent disease/physical conditions using food, vitamin/mineral supplements, and/or nutrition support.
  • The RD provides dietary advice and information to patients and families with conditions, such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, Celiac's disease and constipation, and also address the nutrition issues of our transplant recipients.

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