COST (Cognitive Skills Training)

Who: For all PEPP clients who are interested in improving the quality of their school work. A Psychologist and a Psychometrist/Teacher lead the group.

What: Cognitive Skills Training Group (C.O.S.T.) is our educational group where clients learn skills to help them succeed in school. Specific topics covered include how to write helpful notes, read textbooks, listen to lectures, write essays and improve memory skills. Additionally, the group also covers topics such as how the brain works and resources clients can access if they run into difficulties in school.

Where: In the PEPP Kitchen/Group Room

When: C.O.S.T. is run each summer. Usually, the group sessions are 2 ½ hours long and take place 3 days per week. There are a total of 12 sessions to which clients are asked to commit to attending.