Healthy Living Group

Who: For all PEPP clients who wish to promote a healthy lifestyle and be active. Please bring a water bottle, running shoes and comfortable clothing. For those who want to go swimming please be sure to bring your bathing suit and towel. The Health Living Group is facilitated by PEPP clinicians and volunteers.

What: The Healthy Living Group is a recreation group where clients come together to have fun and be active together. During the group participants can play sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball. Participants can also go swimming, use the hot tub, do weight training, or engage in low-intensity cardio exercises. You don't need to be in shape to attend; The Healthy Living Group is simply a great place to meet people and have fun. Not sure, come out and give it a shot!

Where: At the downtown YMCA on Waterloo and King Street. Either meet us at the YMCA at 2:30pm in lobby or meet at 2:00pm in the PEPP Kitchen/Group Room so we can travel to the YMCA together.

When: The group is held weekly between 2:00pm-4:00pm on Wednesdays.