PhotoVoice Project

Who: For all PEPP clients interested in art, photography and in learning new skills. Case Managers and volunteers lead the group.

What: The PhotoVoice Project is an opportunity for PEPP clients to express themselves through photography. Each session participants will discuss a theme and then go on a "photography walk" where they can take photos of something related to the theme and that they find meaningful. Cameras will be provided and participants will be encouraged to capture additional photos on their own outside of each session. In addition, participants have the opportunity to work with a photographer who will teach them how to use iPhoto to digitally alter and enhance some of their photographs. Photographs may eventually be chosen to be exhibited in an art show.

Where: In the PEPP Kitchen/Group Room and in the community

When: The group is held at various times throughout the year. Check the online calendar for more details or speak to a PEPP clinician.