Power Up

Who: Power Up is a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental group for anyone who has been with PEPP for 3 or more years. PEPP’s Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Employment Counsellor coordinate this group. A commitment of 8 weeks is expected by participants.

What: The focus is to "Power Up" and move forward by empowering all aspects of one's life. Groups are held weekly for 8 weeks in the community and aim to support meeting individual goals and creating a sense of inclusion in the community. Past members of Power Up have been involved in guest speaker presentations, recreational and leisure opportunities, employment assistance, socialization and achievement.

Where: In various places within the community

When: The group is held Thursday afternoons. PEPP clients who have been with the program for 3 or more years should talk to any member of PEPP's staff to find out more.