YES (Youth Education Support)

Who: For adolescents and youths who wish to explore questions about what living with psychosis means and to share their values and ideas as they transition into adulthood. PEPP clinicians lead the group. This group requires clients to register. Please speak to your Case Manager or Psychiatrist to get involved. A commitment of 8 weeks is expected by participants.

What: Y.E.S. (Youth Education and Support Group) understands that adolescence and young adulthood is a period of tremendous change. Psychosis can add to the complexity of those changes and the Y.E.S. group provides a safe space for group members find support amongst their peers. Upon completing Y.E.S. participants will gain a better understanding about themselves, psychosis, treatment, stigma, relationships and recovery promotion.

Where: In the PEPP Kitchen

When: The group is held at various times throughout the year.