Radiology – Terms and Definitions

There are a lot of new words being used! Here’s the definition of the terms you might hear when visiting Radiology.

The hole in your behind.

The chocolate or strawberry stuff that kind of tastes chalky but not too bad. Remember you can have your choice of flavours. The white liquid that shows up black on the TV screen as it outlines the inside of your organ.

Barium Enema
Special pictures of the digestive system.

The sac where you store your urine/pee in between the times you go to the bathroom.

Is located at the bottom of your digestive system. It is where you store your bowel movements in between the times you go to the bathroom.

Contrast Material
The clear liquid that is injected into your arm and shows up your kidneys. (This liquid is of the new variety that reduces reactions considerably from the previous contrast material that was used).

Digestive System
The part of you that is in charge of eating your food and grinding it up so the rest of your body can use it.

Displaying the rest of your digestive system after the barium leaves your stomach.

IVP - Intravenous Pyelogram
Special pictures of the kidneys.

The nice doctor who performs your tests.

The friendly person who helps the doctor and takes your pictures. If you have any questions, be sure to ask him or her.

UGI - Upper Gastro-intestinal tract
Special pictures of the digestive system.

Voiding cystourethrogram - special pictures of the bladder.

Pictures taken with a big camera.