Photography Initiative


Brining Healing into Focus – Schulich Medicine & Dentistry – Western University


Dr. Chris McIntyre, Director of the Lilibeth Caberto Kidney Clinical Research Unit, in collaboration with the Visual Arts Department at Western University, embarked on a novel research study in 2017 in order to gain a better sense of the quality of life for people on chronic hemodialysis treatment and to better understand how they respond to treatment through imagery.  Since enrolment began in the spring of 2017, 37 participants have been involved in the Renal Community Photo Initiative creating approximately 1500 images, and counting.   The project allowed for a unique approach with the creation of an ongoing community of engaged patient partners living with kidney disease who have not only generated the amazing images but are helping to direct this visual approach.  

This project has been funded through the generosity of an anonymous donor to Western University.
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, became interested in this research and offered to work with Dr. McIntyre and the research team to design a website in order to share information about the study.  This website was launched on Tuesday, May 7th and can be found at: