Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Please review the following documents regarding our CME program:

Key points about our CME program:

Important Note: This list does not cover all aspects of our CME program so we recommend you read our detailed CME Frequently Asked Questions document.

  • ACPs are required to complete a minimum of 24 CME credits per calendar year. 12 CME credits will be attained for the annual mandatory CME (4 CME for completing the precourse and 8 CME for attending the course). The remaining 12 CME credits can be obtained through self-directed CME opportunities.

  • PCPs are required to complete a minimum of 8 CME credits per calendar year. PCPs attain their required CME credits for attending the annual mandatory CME course.

  • SWORBHP is the only organization authorized to allocate CME credits.

  • The deadline is December 31 of each calendar year. You must submit your required CME credits, in the Paramedic Portal of Ontario, by this date

  • As per section 0.Reg.257/00.S.8 (1-3) of the Ambulance Act, paramedics who do not complete the CME requirement are subject to deactivation to perform controlled medical acts.

  • CME credits obtained in one CME cycle cannot be carried over to another cycle.

  • Pre-approval of CME is highly recommended prior to attending the desired activity. If you chose to take an activity without pre-approval, you risk not receiving CME credits if the activity does not meet our CME requirements.

  • To obtain pre-approval, you can submit your request through the Paramedic Portal of Ontario - Online Training.

  • CME credits are allocated based on how the CME activity enhances the clinical practice of paramedicine at the certification level of the paramedic. The activity will be evaluated for educational merit. The number of credits may or may not equal the hours actually spent completing the specified CME activity depending on content.

  • After you have completed a CME activity, you are required to submit a CME request into the Paramedic Portal of Ontario (see CME Training Bulletin). You will also be required to submit proof of attendance.


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