Cross Certification Process

As part of the movement to standardizing processes across Base Hospitals, SWORBHP will recognize the auxiliary directives that paramedics have obtained at their previous Base Hospital and will receive automatic certification in them if the requirements set forth in this process are met.

Cross Certification Form Process

1. SWORBHP is informed of new hired paramedic via the new certification forms below:

2. To make a request for cross certification, download the Cross Certification Form.

3. Paramedic must complete the following sections:

  • Part A: Paramedic Information

  • Part B: Release of Information Authorization

3. Paramedic to return the signed form to

4. SWORBHP sends the form to the previous Base Hospital to complete the following sections:

  • Part C: Current Certification Information

  • Part D: Current Auxiliary Directives Certification

  • Part E: Base Hospital Confirmation

5. Previous Base Hospital returns the completed form to

If you have questions, contact us at or 519-685-8500, ext. 75621.