Please note that IQEMS is now up and running. Our apologies for the unexpected downtime.

SWORBHP has been collaborating with Health Sciences North Centre for Prehospital Care and Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital Medicine over the past 18 months to implement the Integrated Quality Evaluation Management Suite (IQEMS) system.

The clinical auditing system is a new and innovative method for performing audits. The application is a fully web-based process which audits 100% of all data based on filters (computerized algorithms) approved and/or developed by the IQEMS Operational Working Group in consultation with our Medical Directors.

The IQEMS system will introduce a couple of changes in the way SWORBHP communicates with the Paramedics in our region.


Effective January 3, 2018:

1. Online Communication Form:

  1. You will have the ability to self-report, report a patch failure, notify us about an outstanding job someone did in a call or enquire about a call all within IQEMS. The new communication form can be found here.
  2. The Paramedic Self Reporting document will step you through the process of submitting a Self-Report, acknowledgement of a good job, enquiry or patch failure via IQEMS.
  3. You will be required to enter your EHS number, answer a simple math question (for security) and agree to the terms prior to accessing the form.
  4. The form itself may look slightly different than the one you currently use, however, the fields are the same.
  5. Our toll free # 1-888-997-6718 is still available for those who would like to self-report via phone


2. Paramedic Feedback:

  1. On occasion, our Prehospital Care Specialists may have a question regarding a call you participated in. In the event this occurs, you will receive an email providing you with instructions on responding to the inquiry
  2. Please note that when providing feedback, you will see a tab at the top of the page titled ACR and will have the ability to review the redacted ACR prior to responding. However, for security reasons, the printing function has been deactivated.
  3. The Paramedic Feedback document will step you through the process for providing feedback to an inquiry.


3. Other Notes:

After January 3, 2018, you will only receive closure letters when a major or critical variance has been found. The new Certification Standard states that where a patient care concern is a minor omission or commission, SWORBHP shall notify the Paramedic and Employer by aggregate reports provided semi-annually. This is a change for us as in the past, the Paramedic and Employer have been notified for these concerns. Where the patient care concern is a major or critical commission or omission or there is repetition of minor omissions or commissions, SWORBHP shall notify the Paramedic and Employer of the concern in writing as soon as possible.

4. Contact Information:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. We will continue to monitor all questions/comments/concerns and will respond as soon as possible.

Toll Free #: 1-866-544-9882

Office Hours: Monday-Friday (8am-4pm)