Medical Directives & Standards

Please note we have no more protocol books at this time.
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Medical Directive Books

ALS PCS Version 4.8

Stickers with the applicable changes to the ALS version 4.8 are now available for download.  Please click the links below to download the printable PDFs. When printed on a 5” x 3 1/2” shipping label sheet, these stickers can be placed directly in your Medical Directive book.

Version 4.8 PCP Changes – Medical Directive Book Stickers

Version 4.8 ACP Changes – Medical Directive Stickers

Need a Replacement?

If you require a new book, you may purchase a replacement book at a cost of $8.00 each. To purchase a book, please fill out the following form:

Request for Medical Directive Books.

Mobile Medical Directive Apps

Ontario Paramedic Clinical Guide Medical Directive App

Update Aug 10, 2017: The OPCG App now allows you to download content so that the app can be used for offline viewing. You must update your app through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards

In Force As Of

February 1, 2022
View Archived ALS PCS Documents  
Companion Document
February, 2022
View Archived Companion Documents  
Basic Life Support Patient Care Standards
January 11, 2021
View Archived BLS PCS Documents  
Field Trauma Triage and Air Ambulance Utilization Standards

Version 1.0, Issue Number 113

June 2014
Ontario Ambulance Documentation Standards

Version 3.0

April 1, 2017
Provincial Equipment Standards for Ontario Ambulance Services

Version 3.6

December 20, 2021

Patient Care and Transportation Standards

Version 2.5 March 3, 2021

Policies, Guides  & Manuals

CPSO Delegation of Controlled Acts Policy

Policy #5-12

September 1999
Prehospital CTAS Paramedic Guide

Version 2.0

December 31, 2016
Ambulance Call Report Completion Manual

Version 3.0

April 1, 2017