Paramedic Recognition Awards

We believe that being recognized for the excellent work you do as a paramedic is very important, not only to you but to us as well. Receiving positive feedback and being honored for your accomplishments builds self-esteem, establishes a rapport, and provides for meaningful communication.

The Base Hospital has four Paramedic Recognition Awards:

1. Medical Directors Award of Excellence

2. Medical Directors Commendation Award

3. Prehospital Save

4. Prehospital Newborn Delivery

If you have any questions or concerns regarding completion of any of the forms,

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Previous Award Recipient Lists By Year:


2019 Award Recipients

Medical Directors Award of Excellence

The Medical Directors Award of Excellence is awarded to Paramedics who have been recognized for excellence in EMS. This award is based on nomination by peers, Service Administration, chart auditors or the SWORBHP Medical Directors. A maximum of four awards per year will be presented. Congratulations to the following recipients of the Medical Directors Award of Excellence!

Recipient(s) Name
Paramedic Services
Shawn May 2019 Essex-Windsor
Anthony Jaroszewicz 2019 Essex-Windsor
Zolt Popic 2019 Grey
Fynn Carroll 2019 Grey
Mark Urquhart 2019 Grey
Shawn Klages 2019 Grey
Jacob Kelly 2019 Grey
Jenn Doyle 2019 Middlesex-London
Sandra Gregus 2019 Middlesex-London
Scott Ruddle 2019 Middlesex-London
Meagan Slack 2019 Middlesex-London
Chris Slabon

Medical Director’s Commendation Award

The Medical Director’s Commendation Award is awarded to Paramedics who have been recognized for delivering exceptional care to a patient(s) in the prehospital setting. This award is based on recommendation by the Local Medical Director or the receiving hospital Emergency Physician. Congratulations to the following recipients of the Medical Director's Commendation Award!

Paramedic(s) Name
Paramedic Services
Nicole Harden 2019 Chatham Kent
Tom Millard 2019 Chatham Kent
Artur Albrecht 2019 Chatham Kent
Michael Gazo 2019 Chatham Kent
Matthew Moore 2019 Essex-Windsor
Ken Silver 2019 Essex-Windsor
Ryan Cloutier 2019 Essex-Windsor
Marisa Stratis 2019 Essex-Windsor
Kristian Brocklebank 2019 Essex-Windsor
Brad Remillard 2019 Essex-Windsor
Arnold Wenzler 2019 Essex-Windsor
Shawn Klages 2019 Grey
Darren Clock 2019 Grey
Andrew Brown 2019 Grey
Andrew Randell 2019 Lambton
Matthew Stevenson 2019 Lambton
Mike Gilpin 2019 Lambton
Liz McIntyre 2019 Lambton
Brian Clark 2019 Lambton
Kelly Lumley 2019 Lambton
Mike Rodger 2019 Lambton
Taylor Bennewies 2019 Lambton
Andrew Alaimo 2019 Lambton
Todd Forrest 2019 Lambton
Laura Douglas 2019 Middlesex-London
Joe Vandermeer 2019 Oxford

Prehospital Save Award

The Prehospital Save Award is awarded to paramedics who have been recognized for obtaining a field ROSC. All patients survived to hospital discharge. Congratulations to the following recipients of the Prehospital Save Award!

Paramedic(s) Name Date Paramedic Services
Jason Schinbein, Brad McEachnie January 2, 2019 Middlesex-London
Mechelle Murphy , Erin Mallen, Kristen Key, Vanessa Walters, Matthew Oades January 4, 2019 Essex-Windsor
John Conlon, Melissa Hopkins, Peter Gvoic, Christopher Deschaine January 6, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Justin Campeau, Amanda Atkinson, Stephanie Simetic, Khaalid Ali January 7, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Jeffree Culver, Anthony Jaroszewicz, Bradley Hart, Brittany Bianchet, Michael Jacobs January 13, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Ken MacDonald, Ryan Heipel January 19, 2019 Bruce
Selena Redekop, Sarah Bezaire, Rick St. Pierre, Stephen Maag January 24, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Moe El-Hussein, Mark Bos January 29, 2019 Chatham Kent
Adam Lund, Adam Guenard, Sang Min Park February 20, 2019 Middlesex-London
Dave Cakebread, Nathan MacMillan February 27, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Devin Brown, Mark Stinchcombe, Nathan McIntyre March 2, 2019 Middlesex-London
Randy Fortner, Erin Donnelly, Jacob Lamarra, Jessica Knoop, Shannon Doucet March 3, 2019 Middlesex-London
Mike Seabrooke, Devin Reynolds, Lindy Neilson, Tammy Wright, Venessa Sidelynk March 9, 2019 Middlesex-London
Jesse Hall, Andrea Coffey March 10, 2019 Bruce
Khaalid Ali, Alicia Wilson March 12, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Carley Newan, Brian Boismier, Thomas LeClair March 12, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Robert VilleneuveBrittany D'Angelo, Simon Martin, Alyson Cochrane, Tim Zima March 13, 2019 Middlesex-London
Denise Feere, Laura Douglas, Matthew Procek March 22, 2019 Middlesex-London
Lawrence Mullen, Matt Girotti, Louise Herrin, Ryan Rayner, Jacob Herbert March 25, 2019 Middlesex-London
Shannon Ingall, Debra Lassaline, Rick Johnson, Eric Knight, Collin Rose March 29, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Jason Schinbein, Brad McEachnie, Camila Garces March 31, 2019 Middlesex-London
Moe El-Hussein, Greg Bergeron April 2, 2019 Chatham Kent
Gerald Seguin, Dane Charette, Matthew Renaud April 10, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Mitchell Laird, Patrick Fields, Eric Knight, Angie Ramos, Holly Beck, David Kfrerer April 27, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Ziad Fatallah, Wayne Russelo May 3, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Lisa Das Neves, Jamie Sharpe May 7, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Telsey Knott, Miguel Restrepo, Aaron Parent, Rick St. Pierre May 12, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Mitchell Adam, Rick St. Pierre, Marina Lawrie, Arthur Bobek May 15, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Ernie Kerr, Drew Mitchell June 11, 2019 Middlesex-London
Don Black, Kyle Glendinning July 3, 2019 Middlesex-London
Alex Regan, Nasser Kaddoura, Simon Martin, Lauren Congdon, Lynn McCreary July 4, 2019 Middlesex-London
Lucas Tourangeau, Salvatore Bertucci, Kristen Key, Nisreen Karkanawi, Heather Ryall July 10, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Jeff Skelton, Lori Cook July 17, 2019 Middlesex-London
Kristen Hamilton, Andre Mongeau July 18, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Scott Miller, Mitchell LaDouceur, Justin Elwgren, Amanda Atkinson July 24, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Jim Hill, Patty Sinn July 27, 2019 Middlesex-London
Dane Charette, Joshua Benoot, Gerald Seguin, Angie Ramos August 14, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Eric Knight, Rick St. Pierre, Jennifer Titus, Erick Potvin August 18, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Matthew Pelletier, Geri-Lynn Brandies August 29, 2019 Elgin
Marc Kobrosli, Timothy Branch, Angie Ramos, Trevor Iles September 1, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Brandan Allen, Jeremy Malek, Zachary Moniz September 2, 2019 Middlesex-London
John Booth, Matthew Hughes, Mathieu Chevalier, Cameron Young September 3, 2019 Middlesex-London
Sean Sutton, Kelly Zettel September 11, 2019 Middlesex-London
Nick Montaleone, Jenna Diamante, Elena Ung, Elwood Defour September 15, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Josh Hill, Matt Mead, Louise Herrin September 15, 2019 Middlesex-London
Steve Cook, Paul Van Dyk, Wayne Renkema, Jessica Goncalves September 17, 2019 Middlesex-London
Arnold Wenzler, Kristen Hamilton, Andre Mongeau September 21, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Rebecca Krienselokker, Mike Vann September 22, 2019 Oxford
Dane Charrette, Joshua Benoot, Gerald Seguin, Kailyn Renaud, Michael DeVries October 6, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Scott Miller, Tyler Ceballo, Channelle Champagne, Heather Ryall October 8, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Robin Smallwood, Jenna Diamante,  Anna-Maria Apostolovski October 10, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Meikel Gobet, Arthur Bobek, Jamieson Gemmell, Robert Ulicny, Sean Hettrick October 13, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Lindsay Adams, John Robson, Matt Mead, Scott Rektor October 13, 2019 Middlesex-London
Amanda Rizzo, Justin Elwgren, Timothy Branch, Renee Mitchell October 14, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Gerald Seguin, Joshua Benoot, Dane Charette, Denis McFarlene October 19, 2019 Essex-Windsor
John Booth, Dallas Wood, Lee Nordstrom, Mat Gatley, Cam Young October 19, 2019 Middlesex-London
Simon Martin, Timothy Zima, Lynn McCreary October 20, 2019 Middlesex-London
Sarah Fox, Angie Ramos, Ljubusa Apostolovski, Taylor Babkirk October 29, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Rebecca Krienselokker, Mike Vann November 2, 2019 Oxford
Tony Steadman, Josh Benoit November 12, 2019 Chatham Kent
Dave Mireault, Paul Tremblay November 15, 2019 Chatham Kent
Adam Knight, Mitchell Laird, Peter Morassutti, Arnold Wenzler November 17, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Meikel Gobet, Nisreen Karkanawi, John Conlon, Matthew Moore November 19, 2019 Essex-Windsor
John Mitrevski, Nicole Lupton, Cody Armstrong November 24, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Kim Schroeder, Tricia Rousseau, Mitchell LaDouceur December 1, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Telsey Knott, Adrien Bezaire, Kaitlynne Rawlings, Jeffery Warren December 4, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Chris Williams, Jadon Harrison December 10, 2019 Middlesex-London
Bradey Hart, Anthony Jaroszewicz December 15, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Daniel Pickel, Stacey Shepley, Marina Lawrie,  Joshua McCarton December 17, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Dane Charrette, Gerald Seguin, Andrew Closs, Rose Pizzutti, Paul Mark Martin December 19, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Sean Sutton, Kelly Zettel, Jordan Marshall, Brendon Martin December 21, 2019 Middlesex-London
John Robson, Kate Nakahara, Elysia Smith December 21, 2019 Middlesex-London
Meagan Slack, Jason Schinbein, Josh Hill, Karolina Landowski December 25, 2019 Middlesex-London
Ziad Fatallah, Nicole Hanson, Shaun Rivard, Tyson Brohman, Elena Ung December 29, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Melissa Henshall, Patrick Chouinard, Alexandra Toutant, Celine Stokkermans December 29, 2019 Middlesex-London
Colton Hayes, Samantha Kiss December 31, 2019 Oxford
Sean Sutton, Kelly Zettel, Jason Oncz, Matthew Hughes December 31, 2019 Middlesex-London

Prehospital Newborn Delivery Award

The Prehospital Newborn Delivery Award is awarded to paramedics who have assisted with a prehospital newborn delivery. Congratulations to the following recipients of the Prehospital Newborn Delivery Award!

Paramedic(s) Name
Paramedic Services
Kelly Lumley, Brian Clark January 7, 2019 Lambton
Brodie Golem, Shaun Taylor January 11, 2019 Elgin
Gloria Bowes, Brett Uhrig February 5, 2019 Bruce
Eric Lawrie, Kenji Takeshima, Heather Ryall, Luca Distefano, Leah Panek February 15, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Denise Laing, Tyler Harwood February 15, 2019 Elgin
Ken Silver, Ryan Cloutier, Marisa Stratis,  Brad Remillard, Kristian Brocklebank March 3, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Jennifer Rankin, Tien Angus, JD Cormack, Jay Thomson April 12, 2019 Bruce
Jon Benoit, Amy Larsen, Michael Matteis, Tom Millard July 9, 2019 Chatham Kent
Jen Zoller, Mark Duffy July 31, 2019 Lambton
Mark Duffy, Jennifer Zoller, Heath Jardine, Tanisha Evelyn, Jon Cann July 31, 2019 Lambton
Steve Allen, Kaitlin Ackert August 1, 2019 Elgin
John Andrukonis, Lauren Clark, Alicia Wilson, Elena Ung September 28, 2019 Essex-Windsor
Andrew Alaimo, Blake Smith, Nicole Nagy October 20, 2019 Lambton
Pat Thompson, Melissa Springett December 11, 2019 Huron
Artur Albrecht, Michael Gazo, Grant Martin, Whitney Dantzer December 21, 2019 Chatham Kent