Universal masking is required at LHSC facilities. View our current COVID-19 measures.

SWORBHP and COVID Information Updates

SWORBHP & COVID Information Updates

Dear Paramedics of the SWORBHP Region,

As the impact and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic become reality, we would like to ensure that appropriate and accurate information is being shared with you (our Paramedic colleagues).

We will share all essential and relevant information that you need to know, to assist in your prehospital practice, and keep yourselves and our communities safe. A dedicated section of the SWORBHP website has been developed for the purpose of relaying accurate information (here).

Essential and up-to-date information regarding practice changes, memos, training bulletins and reliable information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic will be found at this website link (here). The Ask MAC forum will also prioritize answers to any COVID-19 related questions (here).

These are challenging and unprecedented circumstances and we (SWORBHP) are here to support you in all the excellent work that you do.

Thank you all for the hard work you do for your patients, communities and each other and please … stay safe.