The Patching Post

SWORBHP initiated a new Centralized BHP Patching process, which was piloted from December 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021.

The Patching Post is an informative mini-series sharing the updates and activities surrounding the SWORBHP Centralized Patching.


Current Edition: Volume 1 | April 2021

The Patching Post Volume 1

What's in this Edition?

  • Centralized Patching Pilot Project
  • The Purpose of this Pilot
  • Are you using the Correct BHP Numbers?
  • Attention Medavie EMS Chatham-Kent & The County of Lambton EMS
  • Connecting to the Primary BHP
  • Information to Relay to the BHP
  • No Run Number - No Problem
  • Early Notification
  • Who are the Secondary BHPs
  • Who are the 23-07 BHPs
  • Who are the Primary BHPs
  • Your Feedback Matters
  • Moving Forward
  • What's Next...

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