Student Placement Opportunities

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is a professional, scholarly academic community where students can maximize learning and join in the spirit of inquiry, while acquiring, practicing, and refining skills for their future roles in health care. There are various processes for requesting a non-medical, unpaid student placement at LHSC and this will depend upon the academic program.

Health Disciplines
School contacts applicable LHSC department.

High School Co-op
LHSC does not offer a formal high school cooperative program. If a placement is secured, please contact Student Affairs.

Medical Office Administration
School contacts Student Affairs for contact list and then submits request to applicable LHSC contact.

Medical Lab Assistant
School contacts applicable LHSC department.

School contacts Student Affairs. Paramedic School contacts Student Affairs.

Other Placements (not listed)
School contacts applicable LHSC department.


  • Students enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate medical, dentistry, or midwifery education program or any physician training, please contact Medical Affairs.
  • Students looking for paid placements, please contact Human Resources
  • We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and inclusive learning environment that inspires respect. LHSC encourages placements for students with disabilities and we are committed to providing accommodations upon request.

If your placement is confirmed, please see Prerequisites for Placement.