Surgical Preparation Unit, Victoria Hospital

  1. When you arrive at the hospital please leave your overnight bag in the trunk of your car if you are being admitted after surgery. Once you are admitted to the floor, your friend or family member can bring your overnight bag to your room.

  2. Registration happens in peri-operative waiting room, D2-200. Park in the parking garage and come in on level 2, continue down to the very end of this main hall.

  3. Please wear appropriate clothing to accommodate your post-operative care.  For example:
    Shoulder surgery: Please wear or bring an oversized shirt that buttons up at the front. 
    Knee surgery: Please wear or bring oversized pants, pants that open on the side or large shorts. If using crutches after surgery please wear a flat, treaded sole eg. running shoes. No flip flops.

  4. Bring your:
    • OHIP card
    • Denture cup
    • Eye glass case
    • Hearing aid case
    • Medications
    •All of the booklets and literature that you have received about your surgery.

    Leave at home your:
    • Valuables
    • Large amounts of money

  5. You will be asked to change into a hospital gown, cap, etc. when brought into the Day Surgery Unit.

  6. If you are a same day admission patient, your clothes and belongings will be given to a family member/ friend/ or significant other.

    If you are going home the day of your surgery, your clothes and belongings will be placed in Day Surgery and will be given back to you when you are ready to go home. 

  7. You will be asked:
    • If there are any changes to your health, medications, and personal information.
    • To confirm your surgical procedure.

  8. Blood work and any other tests will be done if needed.

  9. Any intravenous (IV) will be started and (IV/Oral) medications will be given as ordered by your doctor. 

  10. Your nurse will go over the instructions for your care after your surgery, with your family/ significant other. 

  11. You may also see someone from Physiotherapy, Respiratory Therapy, and/or Home Care (Community Care Access Centre - CCAC) if ordered by your surgeon.
  12. Your family/ significant other will be allowed to sit with you until you go to the operating room. 

  13. You will be taken to the operating room by your OR nurse.

  14. You will meet your anesthesia doctor.