Assisted Hatching of Embryos


Assisted Hatching is a microsurgical technique, which allows the embryo to “hatch” more easily from its outer shell, thereby facilitating implantation and pregnancy.
It is recommended for patients undergoing IVF/ICSI in the following cases:

  • The female partner is over the age 37
  • Day three FSH is elevated
  • Poor response or failure in previous IVF cycles
  • The embryo is of poor quality

At The Fertility Clinic, Assisted Hatching is performed with a non-contact laser, which means that the embryo is not touched at all. Under the microscope, the laser creates an accurate opening on the outer shell of the embryo, called “zona pellucida”, facilitating the embryo’s hatching.

According to several studies assisted hatching can be a helpful technique to improve pregnancy rates. The associated risk of damaging the embryo’s cells is minimal.

For more information on The Fertility Clinic protocols, please take a look at our “Protocols and Procedures” in the “Patient Information” section.