Egg Donation


Accepting the donation of eggs from another woman is a significant act of trust and links people together in new and unique ways. Similarly assisting another person, or a couple, to become parents through the donation of eggs is an extraordinary gift. Sharing in family creation can be a hugely rewarding, but also can raise some rather unique and complex questions for consideration.

To assist all parties involved to feel fully prepared and to make an informed decision about egg donation, you will receive information and preparatory counselling from various members of the team (the physician, nurse case manager, counsellor and financial administrator).

The recipient(s) of egg donation are provided a separate and private appointment to discuss their decision to pursue egg donation and any existing concerns or reservations that might still exist. This appointment is an opportunity to explore some of the implications of egg donation. Some common questions that often arise include whether or not to inform a child about egg donation, when and how to talk to children and what sort of relationship would exist between recipients and the donor or between a potential child and the donor if the project proves successful. In addition to counselling, all of our patients are also provided with a variety of written resource materials to assist them in preparing for egg donation.

The egg donor (and optionally her partner) is also offered a separate and private appointment to explore her decision to donate eggs, her understanding of the process; and the implications for her, her partner and any existing children.

Recipients of egg donation, together with the donor (and optionally her partner), meet briefly with a counsellor in a second appointment on the day of their medical orientation. This second meeting offers the opportunity for a mutual discussion by all parties, the chance to explore any additional questions or continuing concerns that might have arisen during this preparation phase. The goal is to ensure that all parties feel fully satisfied that they are ready to embark on IVF with egg donation.