Male Factor Infertility


Male infertility can be suspected when a man is unable to cause pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse with a female partner who is ovulating and has open fallopian tubes.

Some known causes of male infertility include:

  • Many abnormal sperm
  • Few moving sperm
  • Very low sperm counts
  • An obstruction in the male genitals which prevents the release of sperm
  • Antisperm antibodies (antibodies produced by the man’s own body which may inhibit sperm function)
  • Vasectomy reversals resulting in very low sperm counts or poor quality sperm production
  • Low or absent fertilization during IVF

Studies indicate that approximately 40% of infertility is related to male factor problems. Male factor is the sole cause of infertility in approximately 20%-25% of infertile couples and it contributes to diminished fertility in another 20% of couples.