Why Choose Us?

Fertility Clinic

Client Centred Care.
We offer a unique approach to individualized care. 

From the very beginning, a wealth of information and emotional support will be available to you. Patient education is an integral part of our program as it helps ensure you feel informed and comfortable with every decision made throughout your fertility treatment. You have a committed team ready to provide information, support, guidance and timely, individualized care when you need it.

LGBTQ Poster

Here For You.
At The Fertility Clinic, we welcome all individuals to help create families. Our clinic is a safe place for the LGBTQ+ community, and everyone is welcome.

Academic Partnership.
We are one of the very few accredited, academic, hospital-based programs in Canada. Our affiliation with Western University ensures excellent research and enables us to provide the most advanced forms of fertility treatment available. 

Our Experience Sets Us Apart.
The Fertility Clinic, as one of the first centres to offer In Vitro Fertilization in Canada, has more than 35 years distinguished history of successful fertility treatment. Our reputation is the result of a world-class medical, scientific and psychosocial team constantly working to provide the best care and treatment in reproductive medicine.

Accredited Clinic.
Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets standards for quality and safety in health care and accredits health organizations in Canada and the around the world. In November 2018, The Fertility Clinic received the highest level of accreditation attainable: Accreditation with Exemplary Standing.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.
The first step in fertility treatment is to identify all the factors that are affecting your ability to conceive. We believe our rigorous diagnostic approach uncovers issues that may have previously gone undetected. Our thorough medical investigations and individualized treatment planning and management have achieved positive results for our patients.

No Need To Travel, All Procedures On Site.
We understand how coping with infertility is stressful and we want to reduce anxiety and nurture comfort. The Fertility Clinic has everything you need on site, from fertility services to medical therapies. Our treatment center is conveniently located in the E building at Victoria Hospital. Parking is available in an outdoor parking lot outside our building entrance.  All procedures take place at one single location.