Your Fertility Consultation

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First Consultation

During the first consultation your doctor will start a comprehensive fertility evaluation to establish the cause of your infertility. You and your partner will be encouraged to discuss your medical and fertility history, your concerns, and your goals. At this time, it will be useful to bring along all information regarding previous fertility treatment.

Your doctor may suggest undertaking some preliminary tests and procedures in order to determine a diagnosis.

Following your initial consultation and after your test results are evaluated, your doctor will recommend the most suitable strategy for your fertility treatment.

Once you decide to proceed with treatment, you will meet with your nurse case manager, who will walk you through each step of your fertility journey.

During your orientation day you will also meet the psychosocial counsellor who will address the emotional and psychological aspects of infertility and offer counselling and guidance on ways to manage treatment.

At this time, a careful explanation of costs involved with all treatments will also take place.