Thoracic Surgery

Air Leak Study

Title: Platelet-Rich and Concentrated Platelet-Poor Plasma to reduce air leak post-lobectomy: a randomized controlled trial

Patients are eligible for this research study if they are scheduled to have surgery (lung lobectomy) for a lung tumor. If patients agree to participate in this study, they will have a chance that platelet-rich and concentrated platelet-poor plasma will be used during your surgery. These products are prepared from a sample of the patient's own blood and have been shown to improve healing of surgical wounds. The blood products are being studied to determine if their use can reduce the duration of air leak, the most common Test Tubecomplication after this surgery.

Air leaks have been shown to lead to prolonged hospital stay, longer duration with chest drainage tubes, and greater risk of other complications, such as infection. Reducing the duration of air leaks may decrease these complications. It is thought that platelet-rich and concentrated platelet-poor plasma may reduce the duration of air leak.

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