(Computed Tomography)

This is a type of x-ray that uses a C.T. scanner to produce a series of cross-sectional images of a part of your body. Each image may be compared to viewing a slice of a loaf of bread.

We recommend patients wear clothing without metallic buttons, zippers, snaps, domes, or buckles, etc.

CT 1

For example, you can wear sweat pants, leggings, stirrup pants, sweaters, t-shirts, turtle necks. We hope you will be more comfortable in your own attire. There can be a long wait in a crowded waiting room.

During a CT Scan

You may receive an IV injection or you may be asked to drink some liquid in order to enhance the images during the scan. You will be positioned on the C.T. table by the technologist. The table will be moved into the large doughnut-shaped scanner.

During the scan, you may be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds. You will feel and hear the table moving after each scan. Relax and lie as still as possible.

CT Scanner

You will be asked to stay on the table after the scans have been completed while the technologist reviews the pictures to ensure they are acceptable.


The purpose is to look at the bones, blood vessels, and organs of your body.

Reasons for Having a CT Scan

  • Headache
  • Stroke
  • Visual or hearing defects
  • Occurrence of pain
  • Change in normal body functions
  • Other - your doctor will explain


This test takes approximately 20 minutes to one hour. Please be on time.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please call:

      Victoria Hospital at (519) 685-8770 or

      University Hospital at (519) 663-3212.

Before a CT Scan

In the case of:

  • Head Scan
    You may eat a light meal just before the examination
  • Neck Scan
    No preparation is necessary
  • Chest Scan
    No preparation is necessary
  • Back Scan
    No preparation is necessary
  • Limb Scan
    No preparation is necessary
  • Abdomen Scan
    Do not eat the meal prior to your abdomen scan.

You will be told when to come for the examination.

After a CT Scan

You will NOT be given the results immediately

The radiologist will send the CT report to your physician.