Lung Surgery

Lung Surgery Brochure

What is it?

Lung surgery generally involves the removal of part or all of one lung.

There are 3 lobes in the right lung and 2 lobes in the left lung.

Lung Image


The most common reason for removing part of the lung is cancer, however, there are other reasons lung surgery is necessary.  Sometimes, there may be a bulla, mass, or nodule that is very suspicious and it should be removed to determine what it is and at the same time treat it.

Preoperative  Evaluation

Lung surgery is major surgery.  You will need to undergo several tests before surgery in order to make the procedure as safe as possible.  You may require some or all of the following:

You will also be assessed before surgery in the Pre-Admission Clinic to ensure all necessary procedures have been completed.


Lung surgery is done through an incision ('cut') between your ribs on the side and back of your chest. This is caled a Thoracotomy. Occasionally, a portion of a rib is removed.


Sometimes, the procedure is done using only small incisions. A video camera and surgical instruments are inserted through the small incisions and a portion of the lung is removed. This type of surgery is called 'VATS' (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery).


Robotic assisted surgeries may also be scheduled, depending ont he type of surgery required.