2018 August 30

The Division of Thoracic Surgery is pleased to congratulate Dr. Oonagh Scallan as she is awarded the Dr. Richard Inculet Award in Thoracic Surgery.

O Scallan
Drs. Dalilah Fortin, Richard Malthaner and Richard Inculet present Dr. Oonagh Scallan with her well-deserved award.

Many Junior Residents complete rotations on the Thoracic Surgery service during their medical training. Oonagh is currently in her 3rd year of training as a Vascual Surgery Resident and was truly an asset to our team during her 2 months on our service last year.

The Dr. Richard Inculet Award in Thoracic Surgery is presented to an outstanding Junior Resident who exemplifies Dr. Inculet's tradition of collegiality, dedication, professionalism, and compassion in the care of Thoracic Surgery patients.

Oonagh was unanimously chosen as the second recipient of this award.

Congratulations Oonagh!

O Scallan
Dr. Oonagh Scallan and Dr. Richard Inculet.