2017 December 31

The Division of Thoracic Surgery is pleased to announce that Dr. Aziz Alghamdi has graduated from our 2 year training program!

Aziz Alghamdi

The Division of Thoracic Surgery is excited to annouce the graduation of Dr. Aziz Alghamdi.

After completing General Surgery training in the King Abdulaziz Hospital, Dr. Alghamdi moved his family from across the world here to London, Ontario in order to complete 2 additional years training required to practice Thoracic Surgery.

He brought his wife and 2 young daughters with him and added a son to their family before completing his training.

Dr. Alghamdi has returned to his home where he will commence his Thoracic Surgery career at King Abdulaziz Hospital, Ministry of National Guard in Hassa, Saudi Arabia.

On behalf of all staff members who worked with and got to know Aziz, we wish him all the best for a successful future.

Congratulations, Aziz!!

Aziz Alghamdi Graduates
Drs. Richard Malthaner, Aziz Alghamdi, Dalilah Fortin, and Richard Inculet