2015 October 29

Romanian Thoracic Surgeon Completes Fellowship

Eustatiu Memu

Dr. Eustatiu Memu is a Thoracic Surgeon from Romania who has just completed a one year fellowship in Thoracic Simulation and Minimally Invasive Surgery.  Eus was a valuable member of our team, and was instrumental in the development of Canada’s first in situ Thoracic Crisis in the Operating Room scenario.  This simulation was done in the actual Thoracic operating room on Sunday October 18, 2015, with the residents and nurses managing a mock critical event on a simulated patient.  The members of the team found this experience extremely useful, and we identified several areas of clinical improvement that have already been implemented. 

Eus reflects on his Canadian experience:

“…after one year spent at LHSC, I may clearly state "it was worth every single minute "! I've learned a lot about the Canadian medical system, about MIS and robotic surgery, research and simulation. Everyone had so much to share and teach in this friendly, enriching, inspiring department and hospital! All of these I am absolutely sure will have an amazing impact in my practice, either talking about surgical approach, general care of the patient, administrative chores or educational initiatives.


We in turn would like to take the time to thank Dr. Memu for his invaluable contribution to our pioneering efforts in the area of simulation. Events such as these lead to improved patient safety, better clinical outcomes, and more confident trainees. Thank you Eus!