2009 July 09

Canadian First in the Treatment  of Lung Cancer


Brachy Patient & Staff

Dr. R Malthaner, Wes O'Grady, Deb Lewis, Dr. Edward Yu, Craig Lewis

Dr. Richard Malthaner and oncologist Dr. Edward Yu removed a small wedge from Wes O’Grady’s lung and then applied a surgical mesh interwoven with brachytherapy seeds to where the lung was resected.

Brachytherapy is the use of small radioactive seeds to treat cancer. They look like metallic grains of rice and the ones used in this operation are normally used to treat prostate, breast and skin cancers.

This new treatment was done as part of a clinical trial coordinated by Deb Lewis. Craig Lewis is a Senior Medical Physicist who ensures that the correct dosage is administered and delivered effectively.

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