2010 January 6

Internationally Renowned Thoracic Surgeon Visits LHSC


Dr. Jean Deslauriers

Dr. D Bottoni, Dr. R Inculet, Dr. J Deslauriers, Dr. D Fortin, Dr. R Malthaner, Dr. M Plourde

At the beginning of January, LHSC was honoured to host Dr. Jean Deslauriers, accomplished and renowned thoracic surgeon.  Physician, surgeon, and author, Dr. Deslauriers shared his insight on a number of topics, including the modern management of Pancoast tumours, and the medical life of Norman Bethune.  He also presented a review of a current clinical phase III randomized trial of lobectomy vs. sublobar resection for non-small cell lung cancer, as notably, he is the NCIC CTG Study Chair.

Dr. Deslauriers is a Professor of Surgery at Hopital Laval, Centre de Pneumology, in Sainte-Foy, Quebec.  He completed his training in both General, and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.

Recently, Dr. Deslauriers returned from a one year sabbatical in China, where he was instrumental in establishing a Thoracic Surgery Program. His numerous accomplishments include the editing of more than 12 Thoracic Surgery textbooks, the publication of over 150 papers, as well as having been a presenter at more than 500 conferences. 

LHSC would like to thank Dr. Deslauriers for taking the time to share a measure of his abundant wisdom with our own medical community.