Thoracic Surgery

Schulich Western

Visiting Resident Elective Information

Western PGME office and LHSC Medical Affairs must approve your elective prior to start. They will
initiate your corporate account and provide a list of items that you will need to address.

Our current senior resident will contact you via email regarding the Call Schedule and let you know
where/when to meet on your first day, usually C5-300 Victoria Hospital.

If there are issues with your login/computer access, please contact the HELPDESK at 44357 (4-HELP).

EPR training is mandatory and should be scheduled prior to your start.

Your Dictation Number will be issued following completion of EPR training. If you have any issues,
please contact Transcription at ext. 35131 for assistance.

OneView/Centricity access (online image viewing software) should be requested as part of your
EPR Access – If you have issues with this, please call the HELPDESK at 44357 (4-HELP).

WIFI Access is available using your LHSC Corporate login on the lhext network.

Parking Pass/Transponders can be picked up in the Parking Office, PG L 105A.

Evaluation forms from your home program should be sent directly to Dr. Dalilah Fortin, Program Director.

See Deb Lewis in E2-003 to collect:

  • Pager
  • ID Badge Form
  • Resident's Room Key (Note: OR lockers are not provided)

*Reminder that scrubs cards are to be returned for deposit to the Linen Room A1-400. If after hours, leave your card in an envelope with your name and address for Deb Lewis to process the deposit return.

For questions, please contact

Deb Lewis, Program Administrator

Thoracic Surgery

519-685-8500 ext 75685