If you are a health care professional or potential guest speaker and want to help the community decrease death and injury, please consider volunteering with the IMPACT program. The sustainability of the program relies heavily on the commitment of its volunteers. IMPACT has over 50 volunteers participating annually. Each program requires 14 volunteers. The program cannot succeed without a collaborative approach.

The benefits to volunteerism are many. You are encouraged to come out and observe a program. After observing, you can sign up far in advance, and you determine how many programs you would like to sign up for.

Volunteer Recognition


The success of the IMPACT program reflects the commitment of its volunteers. With cooperation from volunteers of the IMPACT program and the Trauma Program, annual recognition will be given to volunteers who participate in the IMPACT program.

Volunteers who have participated in two or more IMPACT sessions receive a gift from the program. IMPACT clothing has consisted of sweatshirts, jackets, lunch coolers and much more. All volunteers have reflected that they do not solely participate to receive incentives, but that it is nice to receive a thank you for the hard work that they do.

Please contact Brandon Batey at 519-685-8500 Ext 75339.