Appointment booking

Why might I be offered a virtual care appointment? 

Virtual care allows you to connect with your doctor or other health-care provider by phone or video conference. Along with physical distancing, this offers:

  • More access and convenience for you to stay in the comfort of your own home 
  • Reduced travel, parking and wait time 
  • Reduced risk of possible exposure to COVID-19 

How do I know if a virtual care appointment is right for me? 

You and your doctor or health-care provider will decide if a virtual care appointment is appropriate for you and your unique situation. You’ll also talk about which virtual care appointment option may be appropriate and available to you (telephone or video conference). It’s always your choice, depending your comfort level with the options. 

How will my virtual care appointment be booked? 

Your care team may call you in advance to discuss changing your upcoming appointment to a virtual care appointment and the available options for you. During this advance call, your health-care provider will ask for your verbal consent to participate in a virtual care appointment. They’ll also ask for an email address so they can send you details about your virtual care appointment. 

Your virtual care appointment could be a telephone call, or a video conference using OTN or Webex Meetings. 

The decision on which type of virtual care appointment you have will be based on your care needs and the technology you and the hospital clinic are able to access and use comfortably. 

You will be given the day and time of your virtual care appointment, and instructions on how to prepare. 

Can I decline virtual care? 

Yes, it’s your choice. You can decline or withdraw your consent for virtual care at any time by contacting your health-care provider. There may be longer wait times to be seen in person for non-urgent appointments.