Wound Care Management


Wet wound with granulating tissue, yellow slough, and some black escharDefinition:
  • local infection of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue characterized by spreading redness, swelling and pain. 2 Cellulitis often occurs on limbs and is well demarcated. Ulcers can be the primary cause of the cellulitis or secondarily caused by the edema.

Goals of treatment:

  • to rid the area of infection using systemic antibiotics or topical treatment.
  • to heal the ulcer

Things to keep in mind:

  • these wounds can be very painful, ensure that the patient is medicated prior to dressing changes.
  • monitor the demarcation by marking and dating the skin so increases and decreases in infection can be noted subjectively.

Suggested treatment*:

  • Or: just use Mepitel, cover with gauze or adb pads, wrap with Kling and change as needed (when there is strike-through on the abd pads). Change the Mepitel q 14 days or PRN

* All suggested treatments and dressings in this web site were evidence based choices by the authors and by no means represent the only dressing option available.

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