Deep Wound with Tunneling

deep wound with tunneling


  • This wet wound extends down to the bone and has an 8 cm tunnel at 2 o'clock

Goals of treatment:

  • to rule out osteomyelitis
  • to protect area from further breakdown

Things to keep in mind:

  • measure tunneling and document (using clock face for direction)
  • remove or prevent pressure on the area
  • pain management with dressing changes
  • maximize nutrition and hydration

Suggested treatment*:

  • irrigate well in wound and tunnel with NS
  • lightly pack this wound (including tunnel) with Mesalt ribbon, layer Aquacel
  • cover with Alldress or abdominal  pad and tape, change OD.

If this wound were infected:

  • systemic antibiotics would likely be required
  • swab wound (including tunnel) to determine bacteria
  • the suggested dressing* would be to as above, OR
  • lightly pack the wound with Iodosorb on NuGauze ribbon,
  • cover with Alldress or gauze and abd pad & change q 2 days or prn.

* All suggested treatments and dressings in this web site were evidence based choices by the authors and by no means represent the only dressing option available.

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