Wound Care Management

Hip wound with yellow slough

Wet wound with granulating tissue, yellow slough, and some black eschar

Goals of treatment:

  • to deal with local infection (infection in this wound is indicated by; pain at wound site, reddened periwound skin, green/yellow exudate with odour, thick yellow slough on wound bed)
  • debride wound

Things to keep in mind:

  • this wound is a Unstageable/Unclassified because the wound bed cannot be visualized
  • infection can be managed at a local level
  • pain management with dressing changes is essential
  • remove or prevent pressure on the area
  • maximize nutrition and hydration

Suggested treatment*:

there are two options for this wound:

option 1...

  • cut silver dressing, such as Acticoat to fit into the wound bed and moisten with sterile water
  • cover with a light dressing (gauze and tape or  “island dressing” such as Alldress)
  • ensure daily that Acticoat dressing is moist
  • change Acticoat q 3 days

option 2...
(NB) make sure patient doesn’t have thryroid issues—Iodosorb has iodine & contraindicated if thyroid condition or breast-feeding mother)

  • spread a thin layer of Iodosorb on a gauze and place in wound bed
  • cover with island dressing (such as Alldress) or foam
  • change dressing q 3 days, when Iodasorb changes to a creamy colour

* All suggested treatments and dressings in this web site were evidence based choices by the authors and by no means represent the only dressing option available.

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