What is LHSC doing?

London Health Sciences Centre has had city-wide infection monitoring programs, with quarterly reports to staff and leadership in place.

A number of initiatives are underway to help control hospital-acquired infections. These include the early identification through screening of patients who carry MRSA. LHSC also uses audit tools to provide data on compliance rates for things such as hand hygiene and monitoring the hospital’s rates of MRSA. Carefully monitoring the data aids us in making quality improvements in our organization.

All direct care staff are given infection control education on hire and all new and current direct care givers complete the new Ministry of Health and Long Term Care core teaching on infection control


  • Patient isolation strategies are used during cases of MRSA. Depending on where and why patients are in hospital, they may be put in a single room. Long-sleeved gowns and gloves must be worn by everyone provides direct care for the patients.
  • Should an outbreak occur, LHSC has a clearly defined outbreak process and strategies in place.
  • In areas with MRSA cases, Infection Control Professionals practitioners visit daily to monitor the situation.
  • Signs are placed on patient room doors to remind others about the special precautions that need to be taken.
  • Patients may be asked to stay in their room.
  • The room and the equipment used in the room will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

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